Want to Know how to Find a Job? Get to Know the Right People

Get Hired Fast - how to find a jobNetworking has always been a key way to find a job. Today, though, it’s more important than ever. It’s why top employment experts always advise those seeking advice on how to find a job to polish their networking skills.

Look at it this way: You never know when that former boss, past co-worker, or neighbor might introduce you to a key hiring manager, recommend you for an open position in your field, or clue you in to a job opening that hasn’t yet made the employment websites.

Washington Times writer Jeff Barrett recently emphasized this point in an interview with Holly Paul, recruiting leader for the U.S. division of PwC. Paul said that it is important for those who want to find a new job to turn to social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to do much of their networking today.

These sites, Paul said, are important tools for anyone who is trying to find a career.

The Biggest Channel

Paul said that it is critical for job seekers to maintain an active online presence today. She told Barrett that the online world is becoming the primary channel that recruiters use to find quality candidates to fill job openings. She specifically referred to Google and LinkedIn as her company’s top resources for finding new workers.

Professionalism is the Key

This can lead to problems. Many job seekers forget how visible their Facebook posts and Twitter postings are to the companies that might hire them. Recruiters might turn away if they find a string of offensive or lewd posts connected to otherwise quality candidates’ names.

Because of this, Paul recommends that job seekers always act professionally when using social media. This means posting substantive messages, not insulting others, refraining from using crude language generally displaying smarts in the messages that they post.

This may seem like common sense, but many job seekers still make themselves look foolish when using social media sites.


Paul also says that job seekers need to engage when they are using sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+ to network.

This means participating in industry discussions and offering advice when appropriate. The goal is for job seekers to have their names pop up during Google searches.

Paul recommends that job seekers only participate in social media discussions if they have something useful to say. That is the trait that will draw the attention of hiring managers, she told Barrett.

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