An Executive Career Change Today Often Requires a LinkedIn Job Search

Get Hired Fast - linkedin job searchYou’re hunting for a new job, but you’re not looking for the first open position listed on an online job board. You want to make an executive career change, one that involves landing a well-paying, challenging job that moves you up the career ladder. Increasingly, you’ll need to master the intricacies of the LinkedIn job search to complete such a job change.

Fortunately, using LinkedIn is fairly intuitive. By mastering just a few techniques, you’ll give your professional job search a dramatic boost.


The lifeblood of LinkedIn is your contacts. You want to gather contacts on this social media site who are major players in your career field. This means you want executives, managers, and top-ranked consultants working in your industry to be connected to you on LinkedIn.

Once you have these contacts, you can communicate with them instantly through LinkedIn. You can inform them, for instance, that you are looking for a new job. Many of your contacts will have contacts of their own. They might be willing to introduce you to hiring managers that they have worked with in the past. Others might be willing to write you personal letters of recommendations, while still others might know of a hot job opening that hasn’t yet made the online job boards.

Nabbing Contacts

Of course, finding and cultivating these strong LinkedIn contacts takes time. You can’t just hope to connect to top business pros once you need to find a new job. You need to build online relationships with these people over time.

It’s important, then, to join LinkedIn groups related to your career field. Once you’ve joined these groups, you can participate in discussions. These business discussions usually focus on the state of your industry, any new trends in your career field, and advancements in the technology needed to survive in your industry.

If you can add smart, well-informed comments to these discussions, you’ll gradually create a name for yourself. Top pros in your field will recognize you, and many will ask to be connected to you through LinkedIn. Accept these offers; the more LinkedIn contacts you have, the better off you’ll be when it’s time to make a professional career change.

The Social Media Job Search

The social media job search has become an important method of networking today. You need to rely on the business leaders whom you know if you want to succeed in making an executive career change. The competition on online job boards is simply too intense today.

A LinkedIn job search is one of the best uses of social media. No other social media site focuses so heavily on business. And no other helps you connect so quickly to so many important business leaders in your field.

If you need help with your social media job search, sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp. We can help you get the most of sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and, of course, LinkedIn.

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