Decline of Voice Mail more Evidence: LinkedIn Job Search more Important than Ever

September 21, 2012

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Get Hired Fast - linkedin job searchNeed more evidence that the LinkedIn job search, and social media job hunting in general, is a key component of finding a job today? Then consider the dwindling importance of voicemail.

According to USA Today, Vonage, a provider of Internet phone services, reported that the number of voicemail messages left on its user accounts was down eight percent his July from one year ago.

The reason? Voicemail is too slow for today’s consumers. They prefer texting, e-mail, and, of course, communicating through social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and Facebook.

And you should prefer social media sites, too, in your efforts to find a job.

The Demise of Voicemail

The Vonage numbers are just the latest indication that voicemail is on the wane. Consumers today consider voice mail too slow. Consumers used to instantly opening e-mail messages or reading text messages say that it takes too long to check their voice mail messages.

USA Today quoted an official with Vonage who said that consumers hate listening to voice mail prompts and hate punching buttons to pull up their messages. They’re not thrilled, either, about listening to the sometimes long messages that people leave on voice mail.

They view texting, e-mail and social media as being much more efficient, and less time-consuming ways to communicate.

The Social Media Boom

There’s a lesson here for people who need help finding a job. It’s usually more effective today to communicate through e-mail, texting, or social media sites. Hiring managers, recruiters, and business executives like those consumers mentioned in the USA Today story, don’t want to listen to your long voice mail messages.

So incorporate the LinkedIn job search and other social media sites into your job search strategies.

The Social Media Difference

With sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, you can instantly communicate with your business contacts. You can send an entire group of contacts messages about your efforts to find a new job. You can send individual messages to select contacts about particular companies and opportunities. You can use these sites to ask for advice, seek letters of recommendation, or nab introductions to key players in your industry.

Voicemail might one day become like the fax: It was once cutting-edge technology, but changes in the way we communicate are making it more obsolete by the day.

If you want to conduct a professional job search today, the LinkedIn job search must be an important component.

If you need help boosting your networking skills, crafting a winning resume, or mastering the social media job search, be sure to sign up today for our Get Hired Boot Camp.

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