Finding the Right Job Search Strategies for You

Get Hired Fast - job search strategiesJob search strategies abound today. Your neighbor offers a fool-proof way of acing a job interview. Countless bloggers can tell you exactly how to find jobs through social media. Magazines offer tips on cracking the hidden jobs market. Even your mom and dad have plenty of job search advice to share with you.

Problem is all this advice – even if much of it is sound – can start to overwhelm you. You try to apply too many job search strategies at once. And instead of conducting a professional, smart career search, you spend your days trying one strategy after another, never giving any of them enough time to flourish.

There is a solution: Pick the job search strategies that best fit with your personality and temperament and run with them.

The Social Media Job Search

For instance, websites today tout the benefits of using social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to find new jobs. This makes sense; through these sites you can quickly communicate with your entire network of online business contacts. This can lead to hot job leads, personalized letters of recommendation, and even personal introductions to important business leaders.

In fact, everyone should use LinkedIn, Facebook, and the rest during their career search.

But the simple truth is some job seekers are more skilled at using these sites. They are more comfortable with technology in general, and have long communicated with their friends and family members via Facebook and Twitter.

Some prefer face-to-face conversations, while others thrive by speed-dialing their cell phones and hunting down jobs in that way. If you’re in this latter camp, make sure to take advantage of social media sites. But don’t forget to concentrate on the methods of communication that you enjoy most; your enthusiasm for this way of communicating will shine through in your conversations and make a bigger impact.

The Networking Blues

We all know that networking – communicating on a regular basis with your business and personal contacts – is the best way to find a job today. But maybe you’re shy; maybe promoting yourself doesn’t come naturally.

You still have to network; it’s a must today. But there are several ways to network. You can do it in person by scheduling lunch meetings with former bosses or co-workers. You can attend chamber of commerce or business-after-hours events. Or you can concentrate on communicating through social media sites.

If you’d prefer to go the high-tech route, do it. Just don’t totally ignore the telephone calls and face-to-face meetings.

Finding Your Strengths

You’ll need to find your own strengths when conducting a professional job search. No one can be a master at all the ways to crack the jobs market. But if you focus on what you do best, you’ll increase your chances of landing work.

If you need help finding a job, sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp. Our career professionals can give you the job search strategies you need to succeed even in today’s challenging hiring market.

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