It Takes Different Skills to Close an Executive Job Search

Get Hired Fast - executive job searchFinding any job is a challenge today. But successfully completing an executive job search? That’s a true test of your job hunting skills.

When you embark on an executive job search, you’re not just trying to find any job. You are looking to make a professional job change, which means that you want to land a position of importance, one that comes with high pay and equally high responsibilities.

Problem is these jobs aren’t advertised on Craigslist. You won’t find them on And you definitely won’t stumble upon them in your local newspaper’s classified section.

There is only one way to land an executive-level job today: You must network.

Networking Skills Matter

Networking with business associates, former co-workers, past bosses, and local community leaders is an important step in finding any job. But networking skills are especially important when you’re looking to make a professional job change.

To land an executive-level job today, you must schedule lunch meetings with former co-workers and bosses. You must attend chamber of commerce events and Rotary Club meetings. You must stay in constant contact with your network of business associates through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google +.

Only then will you land the hot job leads that might lead you to that executive position that you crave.

How Networking Works

Networking is surprisingly simple: When you’re chatting with a former boss over lunch, that boss might clue you in to a job opening in your field that hasn’t yet hit the online job boards.

Or maybe a former co-worker has a friend who’s starting her own business. This co-worker might be eager to connect you and his friend because he knows that you’d be the perfect fit for the new business.

A local business leader might appreciate the pro bono speaking you did for her social club. As a reward, she might write you a personal letter of recommendation that might convince an overwhelmed hiring manager to grant you an interview.

These are all opportunities that can help set you apart from the hundreds of other skilled job hunters wondering how to get a job in your market.

Persistence is Key

Of course, networking rarely provides immediate results. You still have to ace interview questions even if you’re personally recommended by a friend of a company’s hiring manager. You still have to draft a resume that clearly spells out your skills and accomplishments even if your interview was set up by an influential community business leader.

But networking skills can give you the advantage you need in a hiring environment that remains brutal. Don’t pass up your chance to thrive even in today’s challenging economy.

If you need additional job search advice, consider signing up for our Get Hired Boot Camp. Our career counselors can provide you with the job seeking help you need.

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