Job Search Careers on the Rise. Be Careful when Working with Career Counselors

Get Hired Fast - job search careersThe rough economy has been good to one group of workers: those devoted to helping others find new jobs. Unfortunately, many of the people working these job search careers have precious little experience with career counseling.

This is bad news for job seekers. Too many will sign up with career counselors who will do little to help them find a new job. They’ll spend money on a service that brings no results at a time during which dollars are tight.

The Right Career Counselors

The right career counselor can provide a big boost to your job search efforts. Skilled, knowledgeable counselors can help you prepare for job interviews, fashion a resume that will get you noticed by today’s often-overwhelmed employers, and help you find those positions in the hidden jobs market, the jobs that never make it to the online job boards or newspaper classifieds sections.

Legitimate career counselors can also teach you how to use social media sites such as LinedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to find jobs. They can instruct you in the basics of networking.

In short, they’ll do everything in their power to help you find a job today.

Finding Legitimate Career Counselors

But how do you find the right career counselors; the ones who aren’t scam artists but are actually out to help you land new work?

First, interview several counselors before signing up with any job search service. Ask counselors how long they’ve been passing out career-search advice. Ask them how many clients they’ve helped find work, and ask them whether they’ve had success placing clients with employers in today’s challenging jobs market.

Next, ask these counselors about their education. What qualifies them to serve as a career counselor? What educational background will they bring to your job search efforts?

Ask, too, exactly how much you’ll pay for the career counselor’s assistance. And make sure that you only pay after you’ve found a job. Finally, ask counselors for references of satisfied customers. Those who won’t provide these references? Don’t even think of working with them.

Need Help Finding a Job

If you need help finding a job today, you’re far from alone. It can be a smart financial decision to work with a professional career counselor when your job search seems to be stuck.

Just make sure to do your research first. You don’t want to work with a scam artist who decided to become a career counselor once the economy collapsed.

If you need additional help on finding a job, work with our knowledgeable and skilled career counselors. Sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp to learn the strategies necessary to find work today.

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