Tech Tools can make Executive Job Search an Easier One

Get Hired Fast - executive job searchRunning an executive job search today is a true challenge; finding a high-profile, high-paying job is no easy feat.

Fortunately, you can take advantage of several tech tools that can help you find a job even in today’s challenging economy.

Jake Thiewes, a writer for AOL Jobs, recently ran down some of the most useful pieces of technology for anyone who needs to find a new job. You’d do well to explore these tools as you look for new work.

You know that you’re supposed to rely on social media such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+ in your job search efforts. But often, these pages continue a mash-up of your personal and professional lives. This can hurt your efforts to land a new job. You don’t want human resources professionals, for instance, to learn about how ticked-off you are at your ex. can help. This free program allows you to create your own online landing page. Using, you can upload a background image, profile picture, and links to the social media pages that you want company officials to actually see.

For instance, you might include a link to your online resume or to a successful marketing campaign you developed. You might point visitors to your page to a YouTube video detailing your career achievements.


Your resume needs to stand out if you have any chance of landing an interview today. But how do you create an online resume that truly highlights your career achievements? Thiewes recommends VisualCV.

This service allows you to create a one-page resume that includes links to other Web sites. You might, for instance, link to the online home of successful projects that you completed at your most recent jump. You might link to your video resume on YouTube. You can also use VisualCV to host photos and documents for sharing.


It’s easy to fire off resumes and applications thanks to e-mail and online job boards. What’s not easy is keeping track of all the applications you’ve e-mailed off.

Huntsy can help.

As Thiewes writes, Huntsy is an online organizer. It helps job seekers to keep track of what they should be doing next in their application process and helps them track which companies they’ve already sent applications and what response, if any, these applications have generated. Huntsy even recommends connections to contact through your social media profiles.

These are just three pieces of technology that can help you in your job hunting efforts. If you need more advice on how to find a job, sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp today.

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