Who Can Help Me get a Job Today?

September 28, 2012

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If you’re asking “Who can help me get a job today?” you’re far from alone. The nation’s unemployment rate remains above eight percent, meaning that millions of U.S. residents are struggling to find work today.

But you might be surprised at the answer to your question. In fact, there are plenty of people who can help you find work today. That is the basic principle behind the best job search strategy for tough economic times: networking.

The Networking Difference

Get Hired Fast - help me get a jobMany job seekers cringe at the word “networking.” They’d rather find a job by scouring the online job boards and bombarding companies with resumes. Problem is, hundreds of applicants are applying for the same online jobs. The odds of a human resources manager even opening your e-mail are small.

Those who need help finding a job today are better served by boosting their networking skills. By keeping in close contact with their network of business associates, job seekers give themselves the best chance of cutting their job search short.

Who to Network With?

Of course, that brings up the big question: Who should I network with? The short answer? Everybody.

That’s right; you never know which of your business contacts will be able to help you find a job. For instance, your former boss might know of a colleague who is starting her own accounting firm. If you schedule a lunch meeting with this former boss, he might mention this and he might even arrange for a personal meeting between you and his colleague.

Then there are your former co-workers. Give them a call. One might tell you that a manager two floors up is retiring, leaving an open position for a human resources professional. Another might clue you in to a company in your field that is expanding and needs to add to its sales force.

These are all job opportunities that won’t show up on craigslist or Monster.com. And because you have the jump on them, you’ll have a better chance of landing a coveted job interview.

Other Networking Help

Networking isn’t just about getting job leads, though. Other business contacts might be willing to write you personalized letters of recommendation. Others might be willing to share job hunting advice with you. While others might connect you with a trusted head hunter or help you rewrite your resume to better reflect your skills and abilities.

In other words, without networking, your odds of landing work today are slim. So don’t be afraid to call that former boss or send an e-mail or two to your past co-workers. These are the people best positioned to help you find a job today.

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