You Must Know how to Job Search Today

Get Hired Fast - how to job searchJob hunting is far from an enjoyable task today. The national unemployment rate isn’t falling below eight percent, meaning that far too many qualified job seekers are looking for the same jobs that you want. The only way to succeed in today’s challenging jobs market? You need to know how to job search.

You might think you already know this. But you probably don’t.

Here’s a quiz? Do you spend hours each day scouring the online employment sites and applying for every job in your field?

If you answered “yes,” you don’t know how to job search.

The Problem with Online Job Boards

Even the best online employment sites are becoming less useful in your search for jobs. That’s because everyone else in your field is searching the same sites. This means that every time you apply for a job on one of these boards, you’ll be competing with hundreds of other qualified applicants.

The odds that an employer will not only open your e-mail message but call you in for a job interview? Pretty low.

The Better Approach: Networking

The better way to search for jobs today is to network. This means connecting each day with some of your business contacts.

One day you might schedule a lunch meeting with two of your former co-workers. These co-workers might know of positions that will soon open in your field; positions that you can target before they hit the online job boards.

Another day you might call up a former boss. This business executive might be willing to arrange a personal meeting between you and the hiring manager at a prestigious firm in your field.

As you can see, networking remains the single most effective way to job search in today’s economy.

Not a Difficult Skill

Best of all, networking skills aren’t difficult to hone. You simply need to call, e-mail, or connect through social media sites with your key business contacts. Once you do, you never know what hot job leads these contacts will provide you.

If you need more advice on how to conduct a winning job search, sign up for our Get Hired Job Search today. Our career pros can help you find your new job.

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