A LinkedIn Job Search is a Smart Move…But don’t Expect Instant Results

Get Hired Fast - LinkedIn Job SearchIf you’re scanning the Internet for job search advice, you’ve probably read that conducting a LinkedIn job search is one of the best job search strategies available.

That’s actually true. LinkedIn.com can help you find a job even in today’s tough economy.

But as powerful as it is, a LinkedIn.com job search will not provide instant results. You have to put in the time to make LinkedIn.com work for you.

The LinkedIn.com Job Search

The LinkedIn.com job search is supposed to work like this: You tell your network of business contacts that you are looking for a job. This network responds with advice, job leads, and offers to introduce you to important people in your profession.

At the same time, you engage in industry discussions by participating in LinkedIn groups, attracting the attention of people in your field. As you form connections to these people, they, too, will be willing to connect you to possible job sources or, in the best scenario, offer you a job themselves.

That’s the good news. The bad news? None of this can happen if you don’t first put the effort into building a presence in the LinkedIn community.

Don’t Come Late

Too many job seekers wait until they are actively looking for work to make their presence known on LinkedIn. This is unfortunate, but understandable.

Life is busy. Many people are juggling careers and family obligations each day. It’s easy to forget about making connections or joining discussions on LinkedIn.

Problem is those people who don’t actively participate in LinkedIn won’t build a rapport with the industry professionals on the site. Then, when it’s time for these people to search LinkedIn for job seeking help or advice, there’s no one there who knows them well enough to provide it.

The Best Employment Website?

That said, for those who put in the time, LinkedIn remains the best employment website available. Unlike other social media sites, LinkedIn is designed solely for business people. That means that much of the mindless clutter of places like Facebook and Twitter isn’t present on LinkedIn.

If you need advice on how to use LinkedIn, or any of the other best job search sites to land a new job, sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp. Our career professionals can give you the job search advice you need to find work this year.

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