Asking the Right People for Job Search Advice

Get Hired Fast - job search adviceYou’re struggling to find a new job today. And you’re desperate for job search advice. But don’t make the mistake of asking the wrong people for this advice.

It takes vastly different skills to find a job today than it did even four years ago. If you ask for job search advice from someone who hasn’t conducted a job search in the last decade, you’ll get plenty of suggestions – they’ll just be outmoded.

The Current Job Search

If you want pertinent advice on how to make a professional career change, you need to speak with those people who’ve found a job since the start of the Great Recession. This has truly been a tremendously difficult time during which to find work. If you know of people who’ve successfully done so, be sure to pick their brains.

Ask these folks what goes into the best job search. Ask them if they received any job offers after seeing a position posted on an employment website. Ask them what they included and edited out of their resumes and cover letters.

And be sure to ask them, too, what technology – social media sites or video resumes, for example – that they used during their job search efforts.

Learn from the Success Stories

Once you glean advice from these successful job hunters, make sure to actually use it. These people succeeded in a market that has sent so many others to failure. If something they did worked, you’d be smart to try it yourself.

What you’ll probably find is that successful job seekers today relied heavily on their network skills to land their new jobs. This isn’t surprising; networking remains the best way to find new work in today’s challenging economy.

You’ll find, too, that successful job hunters relied on sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to connect with their business associates, follow employees at their dream companies, and unearth hot job leads. Social media sites have changed the way people look for work today. And if you’re ignoring these sites, you’re imperiling your chances to find a new job.

Still a Challenge

Of course, even armed with the best possible job search advice, finding a new job today remains a challenge. The nation’s unemployment rate is simply too high.

But if you want to arm yourself with the best possible chance of running a successful job search today, consider signing up for our Get Hired Boot Camp. Our career professionals can help you develop the skills necessary to find work today.

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