Help Me Get a Job? Only if You don’t Embarrass Me

Get Hired Fast - help me get a jobHow many people have you asked, “Help me get a job?” How many have responded positively and actually helped you land that job?

If most people you ask for job searching help aren’t responsive, there might be a reason. Maybe you’ve embarrassed these people in the past when they’ve tried to help you find employment.

Help from Others

People are usually more than willing to help job seekers land employment. They realize, after all, that job hunters face a tough hiring environment today. They’re more than willing, then, to lend some assistance.

But people won’t help you if you’ve embarrassed them in the past.

Perhaps you showed up to a job interview arranged for you without having done any research on the company that was interviewing you. Maybe you showed up to a job interview 15 minutes late.

Maybe once the interview was over, you never sent a thank-you note to any of the people who interviewed you. Perhaps when the interviewer asked you if you had any questions, you clammed up and couldn’t think of any.

All of these are examples of unprofessional behavior. And no one will help you get a job if you display these traits.

Professionalism Matters

In today’s jobs market, professionalism matters. Don’t expect human resources professionals or managers to call you in for a second interview if you arrive late to the first one. Don’t expect to receive serious consideration for a job if you mutter vague answers to your interviewer’s questions.

And if you arrive with a rumpled shirt, stained pants, or unkempt hair? You’ll succeed at nothing except for turning off your interviewers.

Word will get around, too, to the person who helped you land an interview. If you’re unprofessional, expect your business contacts to hear about it. And then expect these same contacts to stop recommending you to their colleagues. After all, they don’t want you to embarrass them again.

Job Search Help

Fortunately, you can unlearn these negative habits. And you can turn yourself into a professional job seeker with just a bit of work.

If you need advice on how to get a job today, and how to act professionally while searching for new work, sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp. Our career professionals can help you master the art of finding work in today’s challenging economy.

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