Job Hunting not Going Well? Maybe You don’t Know Where to Search for Jobs

Get Hired Fast – where to search for jobsDo you know where to search for jobs? If not, it’s little surprise that your job hunting is going poorly.

Many job hunters think that the online job boards are the place to begin their job search efforts. Unfortunately, these job boards rarely provide job seekers with the new positions they seek.

The reason? Simple numbers. When companies post job notices online, they’re instantly inundated with e-mail messages from out-of-work applicants. It’s not unusual for companies to receive hundreds of applications for each position they post.

The odds that harried company officials are going to open your e-mail message, no matter how clever your subject head? Tiny

Job Search Hope

There is job search hope, though. Those job seekers who network extensively will dramatically increase their odds of finding a job.

The truth is, it is incredibly difficult to find a job today without relying on the advice, recommendations, or help of your business contacts.

As an example, a former college professor might be willing to introduce you to a colleague who is expanding her business. This colleague might need to hire accountants. If you’re recommended by your past professor, you’ll immediately gain an edge over other applicants.

Maybe a former boss is starting his own business. This boss might be willing to consider hiring you to fill some of the new cubicles in his soon-to-launch company.

Or maybe a past co-worker is willing to write a personal letter of recommendation on your behalf. This letter might help you stand out from your job-seeking competitors.

Networking is a Skill

Networking is a skill. This means that you have to practice it to become good at it. Take to Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to connect with important business associates and to remind them that you are looking for work.

Attend a chamber of commerce meeting and chat up some of the local business professionals in attendance. You never know who these professionals might know, and how these people can help your job search efforts.

Schedule a lunch meeting with a former boss or co-worker. Don’t forget to bring your resume to the meeting.

Navigating Today’s Jobs Market

Navigating today’s jobs market is no easy task. But networking skills can help you forge the relationships that will give you an advantage.

If you need help to find a job, sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp. Our career counselors can give you the job hunting tips you need to land work even in today’s daunting hiring environment.

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