Job Search Advice far from a Rare Commodity Today

Get Hired Fast - job search adviceIt might be difficult to find a job in today’s challenging economy. But finding job search advice? That’s simple.

In fact, a growing number of consultants are offering tips on how to crack the hidden job market, find the best job search sites online, and build the most impressive resume.

The challenge for job seekers? There’s almost too much advice out there. And despite what some consultants might tell you, no one has enough time in the day to try all of the job search strategies available today.

Finding the Right Job Search Strategy

The key, then, is for job hunters to find the right job search strategies for them and focus on these job-hunting skills.

The truth is, not all job search strategies work equally well for all job hunters.

For instance, maybe you’re an introvert; you freeze up at the thought of attending a chamber of commerce luncheon or business-after-hours event. But you understand that networking remains the best way to find a job today.

What to do? Focus on a different networking strategy.

If you hate talking on the phone or chatting with business associates over lunch, do your networking on social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Tell your online contacts that you are looking for work. Ask former bosses for recommendations. Participate in industry discussions so that movers and shakers in your industry will eventually recognize your name.

Every Job Seeker is Different

The truth is every job seeker is different. There is no one-size-fits-all job search strategy, then. Any consultant who insists that there is, is incorrect.

Maybe you’re not a fan of modern technology. Maybe you can’t stand the thought of following business contacts via Twitter or Facebook.

Again, that’s okay as long as you find some other way to network with your business associates. You might actually prefer scheduling one-on-one lunch meetings, engaging in long telephone calls with former co-workers, or socializing at industry events.

You can achieve the same positive job search results without focusing on every single job search strategy out there.

Learning what works

Learn what works for you and focus on that. But don’t reject certain strategies without trying them. Something that sounds like it’d never work for you might actually bring surprisingly positive results to your job search.

If you need advice on a wide range of job search methods, sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp today. Our career counselors can work with you to find the job search tactics that make the most sense for your personality.

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