Looking for Job Search Strategies? Try a LinkedIn Job Search

Get Hired Fast - linkedin job searchHow useful are social media sites for finding a job? If that social media site is LinkedIn.com? Very useful.

In fact, a LinkedIn job search might be one of the most effective ways to find a job in today’s challenging economy.

That’s because LinkedIn, unlike sites such as Facebook or Twitter, is focused squarely on business networking. Think of LinkedIn as a virtual conference hall where you can chat up all the experts in your field that you can find.

Why LinkedIn Works

Here’s an example of how a social media job search conducted through LinkedIn can work. Say you are looking for new work in your field. You can instantly send a message to all of your LinkedIn followers, many of whom will be pros working in your same industry.

The hope is that several of these followers, whom you’ve gotten to know during the years, will send you messages back either offering job search strategies or hot job leads. Others might write back offering to write a personal letter of recommendation for you. Still others might be willing to introduce you to major players in your industry.

Of course, none of this will work unless you’ve already built up a following on LinkedIn, joined business groups, and participated in group discussions. Your followers won’t be willing to help a stranger conduct a job search. They will, though, be willing to boost the efforts of someone they’ve grown to know through the site.

Other LinkedIn Job Search Strategies

LinkedIn also runs “help wanted” ads related directly to your field. This is a benefit because it provides you with job opportunities targeted directly to your field. Consider LinkedIn job ads a better alternative than scouring Monster.com or Craigslist for relevant job openings.

You can also follow key professionals working at the companies that you’d love to one day call home. By following these professionals and hopefully getting to know them through online discussions, you might learn crucial information about the companies at which you’d like to work.

This information can help you during job interviews. And by getting to know key employees at these targeted companies, you might be able to build the connections that can set you apart from the hundreds of other qualified individuals who want to work at the same companies.

Mastering the LinkedIn Job Search

If you need more information about how to get a job using LinkedIn, sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp. Our career professionals can teach you how to use such social media sites as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to gain an advantage in your job search efforts.

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