Those Who Don’t Know how to Job Search won’t Find Work Today

Get Hird Fast - how to job searchToday’s hiring market is a tough one. The unfortunate truth is that those who don’t know how to job search won’t find new work.

The good news, though, is learning how to find a job isn’t overly complicated. Those job seekers who follow three key steps will dramatically increase their odds of conducting a successful job search.

Networking Remains the Key

Job seekers today need to work on their networking skills. It’s a simple truth: Those job seekers who network regularly and consistently are far more likely to find a new job today.

That’s because the online job boards have become unreliable places at which to find new jobs. Every time an employer posts a job listing on Craigslist or, hundreds of qualified applicants send in their resumes. This makes it unlikely that even the best-qualified job seeker will land an interview. The competition is just too great.

However, those job seekers who network will gain a clear advantage in their job search efforts.

Job seekers might schedule a meeting with a former boss. That boss might personally recommend the job seeker to a colleague who is starting his own business and needs a staff of financial pros. Another job seeker might learn after exchanging e-mail messages with a former co-worker that the marketing manager three cubicles over is retiring. This leaves an open position that hasn’t yet hit the online job search sites.

The Right Resume Matters

Today’s job seekers must also create the right resume. A resume listing career stops and education is no longer enough. Job seekers today must spell out exactly what they’ve accomplished during their career if they want hiring managers to notice their resumes.

For instance, job seekers who created a new marketing program that boosted a company’s sales by 10 percent should include this on their resumes. Those who saved their previous employers thousands of dollars a year by creating and implementing a new company work schedule should list this, too.

Employers today aren’t just looking for employees. They’re looking for workers who can make a difference to their companies’ bottom lines.

Connect to Social Media

Social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter remain essential tools for people looking for new jobs. These social media sites allow job hunters to instantly communicate with their online network of business associates.

Just by sending out a quick message that they are looking for a new job, job hunters might unearth a stream of advice, recommendations, and hot job leads from their network of business associates.

Finding a new job today remains a challenging task. If you need job search advice or job search strategies, consider signing up for our Get Hired Boot Camp today.

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