What’s the Best Job Search Advice? Conduct a Multi-Faceted Job Search

Get Hired Fast - job search adviceThe national unemployment rate finally fell under eight percent in September. But even so, finding a job today remains a challenge. That’s why the best job search advice you can receive is to conduct a multi-faceted job search.

What is a multi-faceted search? It means using every tool at your disposal to find work today.


And the best job search tool out there? Networking.

It’s true today that knowing the right people remains one of the keys to finding work. Remember, companies are overwhelmed with job applications every time they post a help wanted ad on one of the best job search websites. Even if you meet the qualifications for a particular job and even if you’re an outstanding worker with solid references, the odds aren’t good that you’ll land a job when you’re facing so much competition.

This is where networking comes in. If you can gain a personal recommendation from a former boss, you’ll stand out from your competitors. If a former co-worker tells you about an opening at a firm that hasn’t yet hit the online job boards, you’ll be competing against a far lower number of job seekers.

So don’t let a day go by without connecting with at least one person in your business network. Hunting for job leads among these people is the best way to find new work today.

Online Job Boards

That doesn’t mean, though, that you should abandon other methods of finding work. Running a multi-faceted job search means that you’re using all job hunting avenues at your disposal.

This includes online job boards, especially those that focus narrowly on your field. The more targeted an online job board is to your industry, the better your chances of landing a job interview or a job offer. Just because job boards come with big competition, doesn’t mean you can’t find a hidden gem or two among all those listings.

Social Media

Today’s job seeker should use sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to network quickly with their online contacts about job opportunities and hiring trends.

Only by using all these tools will today’s job hunters land new work today.

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