You Don’t Have to be an Extrovert to Rely on Networking Skills to Land a Job

Get Hired Fast - networking skillsYou know by now that it’s your networking skills that are most likely to help you land a job in today’s challenging economy.

After all, companies are swamped with resumes and applications every time they post a job listing online or in print. The odds that hiring managers or human resources professionals will even open your e-mail messages or job applications are slim.

But when you network with key business associates – such as former bosses, past college professors, local business leaders, and former co-workers – you might learn of hot job leads that haven’t yet hit the best employment websites. You might earn a personal recommendation from a business colleague for an open position. You might even receive a direct job offer from someone with whom you once worked.

Problem is you’ve never been an extrovert. You’re a quiet person. You don’t feel comfortable scheduling lunch meetings with past bosses or co-workers.

The good news? You don’t have to be an extrovert to use business networking to find a job today.

The Social Media Boon 

You can thank social media for this. Sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and, of course, LinkedIn, allow you to instantly connect with business associates online. By sending one message to your contacts, you can instantly inform former bosses and co-workers, friends at other companies, family members, community business owners, and any other online connections that you are looking for work.

You can also participate freely in business-related discussions on sites such as LinkedIn. The more you communicate about industry topics, the greater the impression you’ll make on others in your field. This might even lead you to a new job.

The Combined Approach Works Best 

Ideally, even the shyest of job seekers will be willing to do some networking in person. Networking through social media sites is an effective job hunting tool. But a combination of in-person, over-the-phone, and social media-based networking typically works best for those seeking to make the connections that will eventually lead to job offers.

Remember, even if you are far from an extrovert, you will have to get out into the community on at least a limited basis if you hope to leverage the people you know into possible job interviews.

If you need help forming a job search plan, or if you need any other advice for finding a job, sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp today. Our career pros can help you land new work this year.

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