Your Social Media Job Search should Include Pinterest

Get Hire Fast - social media job searchBy now you should be using LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to help find your new job. But are you using Pinterest? Your social media job search isn’t complete until you do.

Pinterest, of course, is the latest social media breakthrough that allows users to “pin” images and stories that interest them to a virtual corkboard.

Pinterest is fun, but it can help you find a job? Brie Weiler Reynolds, writing for Mashable, answers with an emphatic, “Yes!”

And here are some of the tips Reynolds recommends for anyone hoping to crack the hidden job market with Pinterest.

Pinning Your Resume

First, be sure to pin your resume to your Pinterest page. The goal, as Reynolds writes, is to encourage others to share your resume throughout Pinterest. For this to happen, your resume needs to stand out. Reynolds recommends a creative layout and catchy graphics.

Of course, your resume should be free of typos and list your career accomplishments, not just your career highlights.

The Resume Pinboard

You might also want to create an entire pinboard that details your career accomplishments. Reynolds recommends that you pin pictures of the companies for which you’ve worked, projects that you’ve completed, and schools that you’ve attended.

You can then fill in the text boxes that come with each pin to explain what the image is and how it relates to your career and job skills.

Steer Others to Your Pinterest Resume

Of course, having a resume on Pinterest doesn’t help if no one sees it.

That’s where other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn come in. Include a link to your Pinterest resume in your LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter profiles. Add that same link to your e-mail signature and your business cards. Put the link on your paper resume.

Of course, you’ll have to make sure that all of your Pinterest boards are professional. When recruiters or human resources professionals visit your Pinterest resume, there’s nothing to stop them from exploring your other Pinterest boards, too. If you’re not careful, they might find that board dedicated to your late-night partying!

Using Pinterest is just one more tool in your effort to make a professional job change. If you need more job search advice on navigating today’s challenging jobs market, sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp. We’ll give you the strategies you need to land both interviews and jobs.

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