A LinkedIn Job Search is Your Best Use of the Internet

Get Hired Fast -linkedin job searchThe Internet can be a tremendous tool when you’re looking for a job. Unfortunately, it can also be an incredible distraction. That’s why it’s best during job search hours to avoid the Huffington Post, your favorite NFL team’s website, and RealClearPolitics to focus on those sites that can actually help you find a job. For instance, a good use of your Internet time is to run a LinkedIn job search.

What’s a LinkedIn job search? As the name suggests, it’s a professional job search that taps into the immense networking power of LinkedIn. Simply put, LinkedIn is the best social media site for boosting your networking skills and tapping the hidden job market.

The Hidden Job Market

Your best bet of landing a job today lies in applying for a position that hasn’t already attracted hundreds of applications. Even if you’re perfectly qualified for a position, your odds of actually earning a job are tiny if the company that posted it is overwhelmed by the sheer number of people who have applied for it.

But when you apply for a job in the hidden job market, you’re competing against far fewer candidates. That’s because companies have not advertised these positions on online job boards or in newspaper classified sections.

Jobs in the hidden job market tend to be the most attractive positions. They’re usually important jobs in a company, and they almost always come with better benefits and pay. They also offer more interesting work.


To find these hidden jobs, you need to network. This means scheduling meetings with former bosses, calling old workmates, and writing e-mail messages to past college professors. It also means attending chamber of commerce and business-after-hours events to get to know your community’s business leaders.

The more people you reach out to, the better the chances that one of them will provide you a hot job lead in the hidden job market. A former boss, for instance, might know of a friend who is starting her own company in your field. A past college professor might invite you to hold a guest lecture for his class. In the audience might be a human resources professional who is looking to fill a vacant position with someone with your exact experience and skill set.

In short, networking remains the best weapon you have in your job search efforts.

LinkedIn Networking

A social media job search can boost your networking efforts. It lets you contact your former bosses, work colleagues, area business consultants, small business owners, and anyone else in your business network instantly. If you have a large network of LinkedIn followers, you need to use it.

Tap the expertise of your LinkedIn followers to learn of new job openings, company expansions, or key retirements in your field. Try to nab some personalized letters of recommendation or face-to-face introductions from this online group.

You never know just how many hot leads a LinkedIn job search can provide and that’s an efficient use of the Internet.

If you need advice on how to boost your social media job search, sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp today.

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