Asking, “Help Me Get a Job?” Consider a Job Search Mentor

Get Hired Fast - help me get a jobHelp me get a job!” Is that your daily refrain? Are your job search efforts bringing zero results? Are you struggling to even nab an interview in today’s tough economy?

Maybe it’s time to bring in some help. Maybe it’s time to seek the services of a job search mentor.

The Power of a Mentor

A mentor can provide you with key job search advice. This person can critique your resume and help you polish your interview skills. They can help you find the right job opportunities to target.

And the help of a mentor can be especially important if you want to make a professional career change. In such a change, you’re looking for a high-quality, well-paying job. These jobs are hard to come by; anyone who can help you find one should be considered.

The Right Mentor

Who makes for a good mentor? Anyone who knows what employers in your field look for in job candidates and is willing to give you honest advice.

It helps, too, if a mentor isn’t afraid to hurt your feelings. Remember, you want honest feedback from a job search mentor, not sugarcoating. If your resume has flaws, you need to know, and a good mentor will tell you.

The Help a Mentor Gives

Think of the benefits that you can receive from a mentor.

There’s the advice, of course. An objective mentor will help you pinpoint any trouble points in your job search. Maybe you need to focus more on boosting your networking skills. Maybe you need to improve your phone skills or maybe your resume is dry and boring.

A job search mentor can point out these problems and give you tips on how to fix them. As you look for a new job, you don’t need any unnecessary negatives ruining your chances.

Secondly, a job-search mentor can provide you with an entirely new set of business contacts with which to network.

You already have your own set of contacts in the business world and your mentor will have his or her own set, too. This gives you a whole new field of business pros to access in your job search.

Of course, picking a mentor is no quick task. You need to carefully consider the relationship you want to form. And don’t be disappointed if a business contact doesn’t have time to help you in your efforts to land a new job. Just take another look at your business contacts. The odds are good that you’ll find another possible mentor somewhere on that list.

If you need help with networking and choosing a mentor, sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp today. Our career experts will help you cut short your job search.

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