Conduct the Professional Job Search; Careers Will Follow

November 14, 2012

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Get Hired Fast - job search careersThose who want the best careers today know the secret: Conduct a professional job search; careers will follow.

Finding work today is no easy task. Just ask the companies that post job applications at sites like and Craigslist only to receive an avalanche of job applications. Finding the right candidate is a huge task for these companies.

Of course, getting a job interview when there is so much competition? That’s an even bigger challenge.

It’s why those looking to find work today must conduct the professional career search.

Professional Job Search

What is the professional job search? At its most basic, it means approaching your search for a new job as it were a job itself.

Consider this: Before taking on a project at work, you’d research it. You’d discover what your bosses expected of you, what tasks you’d need to do to complete the job, and what requirements you’d have to fulfill to earn praise from your managers.

You need to do the same when it comes to searching for a job, whether you’re making a professional job change or you’re hunting for your first job.

For example, if you see an online listing for a job, take the right steps before applying for it.

Analyzing an Open Position

First, determine if the job is really something you’d enjoy. Maybe you want to work as a journalist, but you prefer working at a newspaper. Do you want to apply for a writing job at a trade magazine?

The job might make sense if you can parlay it into a future newspaper job by gathering the writing clips you need. But what if you really have no interest in writing trade-magazine stories? The odds are you won’t turn in good work and that certainly won’t help you climb the career ladder.

Look, too, at your own qualifications. Do you have all the qualifications that the employer requests? If you don’t, and you apply anyway, you’re wasting both your time and the time of the employer.

Filling Out the Application

Next, make sure you follow all the instructions included in the jobs listing. Include a cover letter if requested. Include samples of your previous work if the listing asks for it. Include a list of references if that’s specifically required.

You will instantly turn off employers if you don’t follow the requests laid out in the job posting. And you can bet with unemployment so high today, that there will be plenty of applicants who follow the instructions to the letter.

If you need help crafting a more professional job search, sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp today. We can help you craft a winning job search strategy.

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