Hurricane Sandy has more People Asking, “Help Me get a Job”

November 22, 2012

Job Hunt, Networking, Résumé, Social Media

Get Hired Fast - help me get a jobHurricane Sandy, which battered the east coast in early November, has left countless people homeless and without power. But this powerful natural disaster has had another, less-expected effect: It’s left more people saying, “Help me get a job.”

According to a recent feature story by MarketWatch, the number of U.S. residents who sought unemployment benefits soared to an 18-month high during the week of November 10th. Economic analysts said that this was largely because of superstorm Sandy.

Soaring Jobless Claims

According to the MarketWatch story, first-time jobless claims jumped by 78,000 to hit a seasonally adjusted 439,000 for that week. The story quoted a spokesperson for the U.S. Department of Labor who said that claims in those parts of the country hit by Hurricane Sandy rose especially sharply.

As MarketWatch says, Hurricane Sandy has made it difficult to truly understand whether hiring trends for early November are improving, weakening, or remaining the same.

Your Job Search

If you are conducting a job search and you haven’t been impacted by Hurricane Sandy, the November jobless claims don’t change what you have to do to find a job: You still need to concentrate on boosting your networking skills, tapping into the power of social media to give your networking a charge, and creating resumes and cover letters that highlight your career successes, not just your career stops.

The new jobless numbers don’t change the fact that competition for new jobs today remains severe. To find work, you need to differentiate yourself from the hundreds of competitors looking for work in your field.

To do this you need personal recommendations and face-to-face meetings from your business contacts, something you can get through social media and networking. And you need a resume that sets you apart as not only an expert in your field but as someone who can save your next employer money or boost its productivity.

Job Hunting Advice

If you need job search advice, consider signing up for our Get Hired Boot Camp. We can help you devise the job search strategies that you need to land interviews and to then succeed once you’re called in to these interviews.

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