Not Content to Land any Old Job? Conduct an Executive Job Search

Get Hired Fast - executive job searchFinding a job is a tough challenge today, what with a national unemployment rate of 7.8 percent; that’s still far too high. It’s led many job seekers to accept any job that they can get. But you don’t want this. You don’t want to land any job that comes along. You want a job that pays well and challenges you. In fact, you don’t want a job at all; you want a career. And to land a career? You need to conduct an executive job search.

An executive job search is designed to land you the higher-paying, interesting, and fulfilling jobs on which people build careers. An executive-level job is one that carries real weight. You’ll be making decisions that directly impact your employer’s fortunes. You’ll be working on creative projects and determining the future direction of your company.

So how do you find these jobs?

It Really is Who You Know

It may sound frustrating, but conducting a career search rather than simply a job search involves networking with the right people, those business associates who can put you in touch with high-level decision-makers at the most important companies in your field.

This may seem frustrating. It doesn’t sound fair to land a job merely because of who you know.

But networking isn’t only about the people you know. It’s also about your own skill level. Even if you know the most important names in your field, these people won’t help you land a job or job interview if they don’t trust that you have the skills to do a good job. After all, your performance will reflect on them. They won’t recommend you for a job if you’ll embarrass them.

You Know more People than You Think

Others find networking depressing because they don’t think they know enough people to do it successfully. But if you look carefully at your sphere of influence, you might discover that you know a lot of important business people that can give you an advantage in your efforts to find a job.

Maybe a former boss can help connect you to a high-level executive at a key player in your industry. Maybe a former co-worker, now working at a new position, would be willing to arrange a phone call between you and his new boss. Maybe you’ve volunteered at your local chamber of commerce. There are certainly plenty of people in this organization who can write personal letters of recommendation or arrange face-to-face meetings with company officials.

Learning the Skill of Networking

The truth is anyone can be a good networker. It’s a developed skill. So start making phone calls and sending e-mail messages today to important people in your business network. The more you practice, the more results you’ll realize.

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