Social Media Job Search gets More Powerful with Facebook App

Get Hired Fast - social media job searchWe’ve long been proponents of the social media job search. Social media sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter make finding a job a less arduous task. Through these sites, job seekers can instantly connect with their circle of online business contacts. And these contacts can then respond with job leads, offers to arrange personal introductions and job search advice.

The social media job search, though, just become more powerful. That’s because Facebook this November launched its new Social Jobs Partnership app, an app designed to help Facebook users find work.

The Job Seekers’ App

According to a recent story by CBS News’ Dave Johnson, the Social Jobs Partnership app is a collaboration between Facebook, the U.S. Department of Labor, and several other agencies. The app works as an aggregator, nabbing job search results from online services such as, Work4Labs, JobVite, and BranchOut.

According to the CBS story, the app will comb through about 1.7 million job listings in all.

The good news? Johnson says that those using the app for job hunting will find that it is extremely easy to use. The app allows users to enter job-specific keywords, search specific job categories, and isolate different locations.

And, also according to Johnson, when users find jobs that suit their needs, they can then go directly to the Facebook page of the online job service posting the position.

Not Perfect

Of course, like most job search technology, Facebook’s new app isn’t perfect. Johnson said that the app doesn’t always limit itself to showing jobs near specified cities. Sometimes it instead adds jobs that are located far across the country.

The app is limited, too, in that it is only showing job opportunities that have been posted online. This means that job searchers will still have to compete with several other qualified candidates.

Networking Still the Best Choice

Of course, networking remains the best way for job hunters to find work, even with this new social media job search app. By scheduling lunch meetings with past bosses, engaging in e-mail conversations with former co-workers, and scheduling telephone chats with local business leaders, you’ll increase your chances of uncovering job leads that haven’t already shown up on the best job search websites.

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