The Best Job Search Strategies for a Challenging Hiring Market

November 23, 2012

Job Hunt, Networking, Offline Networking

Get Hired Fast - job search strategiesDo you know the best job search strategies for today’s challenging hiring market? If not, you’ll struggle to find work today.

The national unemployment rate might have fallen recently, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t face intense competition as you search for a job today. For every open position advertised on the best job search sites, you’ll have to compete with dozens to hundreds of qualified candidates.

What are the odds that hiring managers or human-resources personnel will even open your job application? Not good.

That’s why you’ll need to change your job search strategies to find work today.

The Changing Job Hunt

The way you used to search for a job no longer works. You can’t expect to find work simply by reading the “Help Wanted” ads each morning, whether you do it electronically or by skimming your local newspaper.

Too many qualified job candidates are looking at those same ads.

To find work today, you need to network. It’s always been important to rely on your business and social contacts to turn up job leads. Today, though, networking is more important than ever.

Why it Works

There’s a reason why networking works: People are more comfortable hiring people who receive positive recommendations from business professionals whom they trust.

A primary goal of networking, then, is to gain those recommendations. If you’re searching for a job, schedule a meeting with a former boss or a lunch with a local business leader with whom you’ve done business with in the past. Send an e-mail to former work colleagues or ring up your former economics professor.

Tell these folks that you’re actively seeking work. And ask if they know of anyone in your field who is expanding or hiring. And if they do know of someone, ask if they’d be comfortable writing you a letter of recommendation or introducing you to these business contacts.

You can bet that these important industry officials will be more willing to look at your resume and cover letter if someone they trust recommends you to them.

Successful Networking

To earn these recommendations, you have to network successfully. Don’t badger your business contacts too often. Give them time to return an e-mail message or phone call. When you do schedule a lunch meeting, make sure to pick up the bill. And if your contacts do provide you valuable information on how to get a job or provide you with an important recommendation, make sure to thank them for their help.

If you need additional strategies on how to find a job, sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp today. Our career pros can help you create successful job search strategies.

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