Unemployment Dipping in Many States, but You Still Need Job Search Advice

November 28, 2012

Job Hunt, Networking

Get Hired Fast - job search adviceIt’s true that unemployment is falling in many states. But that doesn’t mean that you still don’t need job search advice.

You still need to know how to find a job today if you’re going to attract the attention of managers at the companies at which you most want to work. Yes, the unemployment picture is improving, but you’ll still face plenty of competition whenever you apply for a job today.

Falling Unemployment Numbers

According to a recent story by the Washington Post, the unemployment rates in 37 states fell last month. That’s a solid indication that the hiring environment is on the mend.

According to the Post story, unemployment rates are now below seven percent in 23 states. In October, in fact, only seven states saw their unemployment rates rise, while just six saw them stay the same. The rest? They all fell.

South Carolina saw the biggest drop, seeing its unemployment rate fall from 9.1 percent to 8.6 percent in October. According to the Post story, South Carolina gained 7,300 jobs in October.

The national unemployment rate stood at 7.9 percent in October. But, as the Post story says, it has fallen a full point during the last year.

Still a Challenge

If you still need help finding a job, though, or if you’re still struggling to complete a planned professional career change, don’t feel too bad. You’re far from alone.

Even though the nation’s employment situation has improved, there are still far too many people looking for work. And if you add in the number of people who have simply abandoned their efforts to find a job, then the actual unemployment rate looks even more frightening.

What does this mean to you? Only that you need to follow the right job search advice if you want to land work in today’s still-difficult hiring environment.

Job Search Tips

The key to finding work today remains networking. You need to talk with and send e-mail messages to your business contacts on a regular basis, asking for their help in your job search efforts.

These are the people who can write personalized letters of recommendation, introduce you to important hiring managers, and clue you in on the comings and goings of key personnel in your profession.

In short, if you don’t boost your networking efforts today, you’ll struggle to land work.

If you need advice on how to find a job today, make sure to sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp. Our career counselors can help you make the professional career change you desire.

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