Want to Boost Your Job Search for Careers? Consider a Double Major

November 13, 2012

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Get Hired Fast - job search careersEven with the nation’s unemployment rate at a three-year low, finding a job today is no easy task. But college students looking forward to their job search for careers can boost their odds of finding work by dual-majoring.

Taking a double major while in college is more work, but it also increases the marketability of college graduates. Employers find students who have completed two majors as more versatile, harder-working, and more of a potential asset to their workplaces.

Double Majors on the Rise

A recent story by the K-State Collegian student newspaper takes a closer look at this trend. According to the story, 853 undergraduate students at Kansas State enrolled as double majors in the fall 2012 semester.

That comes out to 4.3 percent of all undergraduates at the school.

The story quotes a senior at the school who majored in agricultural communications and journalism and animal sciences and industry. The senior explained that it made sense to understand the scientific side of why farmers and ranchers do the things they do. The senior’s hope is that the double major will help in her future job search.

The Benefits

Today’s college graduates need all the advantages they can get when it’s time to find a job. The jobs market remains challenging, especially for recent graduates. Anything that these graduates can do to set themselves apart from their competitors is important.

Double majors, though, need to make sense. The K-State collegian’s example of a student majoring in both agricultural communications and animal sciences is a good example. The student can use both majors in her future job, reporting on the science behind farming.

And this is a benefit that the student can certainly bring up during her future job interviews.

Hard Work Pays Off

Double majoring also provides evidence that you’re willing to work hard. That’s something that’s extremely appealing to today’s employers.

Companies today don’t just want skilled workers. Remember, they can choose from hundreds of applicants in many cases. They want workers who will commit to their companies and will put in the extra hours when necessary.

So if you’re entering college, and you’re hoping to boost your future hiring prospects, consider taking a double major. You’ll make a positive impression on future employers.

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