Why Knowing Where to Search for Jobs Matters

Get Hired Fast - where to search for jobsKnowing where to search for jobs matters today. Even the best online job sites post positions that are available to hundreds of other occupants. This makes your chance of attracting the attention of hiring managers with your e-mailed resume and cover letter rather small.

But you can dramatically increase your odds of finding a job if you know where to look for your next position.

The Secret: Networking Skills

Of course, that’s a bit misleading. It’s not necessarily where you should look for jobs but to whom you should look.

In other words, you need to network with business leaders in your community and in your sphere of influence if you want to conduct a successful job search.

Many job seekers cringe at the idea of networking. They find the act of asking others for job search help to be a humiliating one. But here’s the truth: Without enlisting the help of others, you’ll condemn yourself to a long, frustrating job search.

How to Network

Fortunately, networking is not nearly as challenging a task as some think it is. Your first step is to identify those people who can help give you job leads, clue you in on job openings that haven’t hit the online employment sites, and provide you with personalized letters of recommendations or set you up with in-person meetings with managers.

These people can be varied. Maybe a former boss will be willing to introduce you to a colleague who is starting a new business. Maybe a former co-worker will be willing to send you a list of positions opening at her company. A past professor might know of a human-resources professional at a company that you have targeted in your job search. This professor might be willing to write a personal letter of recommendation to this professional.

You can also find business leaders at chamber of commerce and business-after-hours events. Getting to know these people can pay off down the road. You never know what connections a local business owner might have in your field.

Get to Work

So if you want to boost your chances of finding employment today, it’s time to network. And if you need help devising a networking plan, sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp today. Our professionals can help you learn the secrets to effective networking, a skill that everyone needing to find jobs needs to master.

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