Add One More Benefit to the LinkedIn Job Search

Get Hired Fast - linkedin job searchThe linkedin job search has always been a powerful way to find new work, even in today’s challenging hiring environment. But now LinkedIn has become an even more useful tool for anyone conducting an executive job search.

According to the PRNewswire service, LinkedIn users can now call each for free thanks to a new service offered by Swedish VoIP app Plingm.

This is a nifty tool if you need to call a former co-worker and boss to arrange a networking meeting. If that business contact happens to be a member of LinkedIn – and the social media site’s membership list is growing larger by the day – then you call the contact with no charge.

It might seem like a small thing, but anyway you can save money during your efforts to find a career has to be considered a bonus.

Free Calls

According to the PRNewswire story, Plingm now allows the 151 million users on LinkedIn to call each other for free.

Users will need an iPhone, but those who do, can call their own LinkedIn contacts using their iPhone.

To take advantage of the service, LinkedIn users must first download the Plingm app from the App Store. They must then accept the app’s terms to connect with their LinkedIn accounts. Once this happens, the app automatically scans and imports all of the users’ contacts.

Calls between Plingm users are then free.


The savings from this can add up, especially if some of your most trusted networking contacts live across the globe. With the Plingm app, you’ll now be able to call trusted business contacts living on the other side of the world without spending a dime.

Another bonus? There is no time limit on calls made through the Plingm app.


It’s understandable that some LinkedIn users would be wary of the service. After all, it sounds too good to be true. But on the Google Play app store, the majority of raters give Plingm strong reviews.

Of the 1,941 user reviews as of late November, 1,368 gave Plingm a five-star rating, the best possible rating on the site. Overall, the app received an average rating of 4.3 stars, a pretty solid number.

Of course, the app isn’t perfect. Some users complained of occasional sound-quality issues, but the app isn’t a scam. And for LinkedIn users hoping to make an executive job change, the app could result in some serious savings.

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