Following the Right Job Search Advice Might Lower Heart Attack Risk

December 4, 2012

Job Hunt

Get Hired Fast - job search adviceIt sounds implausible, but following the right job search advice can lower your risk of suffering a serious heart attack.

That, at least, is the finding of a recent study by Duke University researchers.

According to a story by NBC News, the Duke University researchers found that people who are unemployed have a significantly greater risk of suffering a serious heart attack.

And in even worse news, especially given the challenging state of today’s economy, the risk of heart attack rises each time an unemployed person loses a job and the longer this person is out of work.

Frightening Numbers

Think your search for a job isn’t important to your health? The Duke University study uncovered some shocking statistics that prove otherwise.

According to the university’s research, one job loss raised people’s risk of suffering a heart attack by 35 percent. Those people who suffered through four job losses saw their risk of heart attack jump by 63 percent.

Duke also found that those out of work were most likely to suffer a heart attack within the first year following a layoff or firing, according to the NBC News story.

Taking Care of Yourself

The Duke University study shows how important it can be to your health to shorten your time spent job hunting.

It’s not surprising that people face greater stress when looking for a job. Those bills still need to be paid, but unemployed people have fewer dollars available to pay them. That creates significant stress.

A researcher from Duke told NBC News that it’s important for people to always pay attention to their heart health by eating healthy, getting plenty of exercise, and refraining from smoking or overindulging in alcohol.

But this is even more important when people are unemployed, the researcher said, because of the extra stress that being out of work places on the heart.

Job Search Advice

This all makes it more important than ever to follow the right job search advice when you’re looking for work.

Remember to network with local business leaders, past bosses and former workmates. Rely on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to chat with business contacts about possible job leads. And craft a resume that spells out clearly the ways in which you helped your former employers succeed.

If you need additional help in finding a job, be sure to sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp today. Our career pros will help you develop a winning job search strategy.

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