Four Surefire Ways to Tank Your Job Interview

December 17, 2012

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Get Hired Fast - job searchYou’ve managed to land a job interview. That’s no small feat in today’s challenging jobs market.

But if you need help finding a job, landing a job interview is just the first step. Next? You need to show your potential employers that you are the right person for the job. You can’t do that, and you can’t end your job search, if you bomb your interview.

Here, then, are four surefire ways to tank that all-important job interview. Make sure to avoid these mistakes.

Show Up Late

This sounds simple: If you have a job interview, make sure to show up on time. Problem is, too many job seekers arrive at their own job interviews five to 10 minutes late. There is nothing that turns off hiring managers and executives quicker. No matter how well you shine during the actual interview, you might already have doomed your chances by arriving late.

In fact, it’s best to show up at least 15 minutes early to your interview. That way, you’ll have a chance to prepare yourself mentally for the interview. You won’t be out of breath from sprinting up the stairs to get to your interview on time.

Dress Poorly

You need to dress your best during an interview. This holds true even if the company at which you are interviewing boasts a more casual culture. It’s far better to be the best-dressed person in an interview than the worse-dressed.

In short, don’t wear jeans, shorts, gym shoes, ripped clothing, or shirts with inappropriate messages on them to an interview. Interviews require formal business attire. You want to look your best; this promotes the idea that you are professional.

Skip the Research

Before your interview, you need to spend time researching the company at which you are interviewing. This is easy today thanks to the Internet. Look for news stories about the company. Research their website to determine their core services and products. Study their financials.

In short, come to the interview armed with as much information as possible. This will show during the interview process.

If you skip the research? That will show, too. Your interviewers will be able to quickly detect if you know little about the company. And if that shows through, don’t expect to get called back for a second interview. No company is going to waste time on you if you were too lazy to do your research before an interview.

Don’t Send Thank-You Notes

Once your interview is over, immediately send a thank-you note to everyone who interviewed you. This is important for two reasons: First, it shows that you are a thoughtful and professional person. Second, it puts your name back in front of your interviewers. This can pay off when hiring decisions are made.

If you skip the thank-you note? You are showing your interviewers that you lack basic courtesy and professionalism. That won’t reflect well upon you once hiring discussions begin.

If you need additional advice on how to find a job, consider signing up for our Get Hired Boot Camp today. Our career professionals can give you the help you need to run an effective and successful job search.

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  • Giacomo Di Giacomo

    I am one of the persons in charge for interviewing potential employees in my company. Your point 2 backfires for me. I am inclined to think that people who dress formally do so to cover poor attitude to the job. We are an engineering company and we need engineers, not models.