How the Job Search has Changed

December 11, 2012

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Get Hired Fast - job searchIf you’ve recently lost your job or if you’ve decided to begin looking for a more rewarding position, you might be shocked at how dramatically the job search process has changed in recent years.

Behind the changes are the Internet and an economy that is still largely sour for many employers.

Alison Green, a writer for U.S. News & World Report, recently ran an interesting post detailing the changes that people conducting a career search will need to make. Here are some of her more interesting thoughts on the changing world of job hunting.

You Have to be More Forthcoming with Information

Remember when you gave out just the information you truly wanted to share when applying for a job? Those days are gone. As Green writes, many employers in their online application forms require you to give out key pieces of information that you’d probably rather not share.

But if you don’t include this information, you won’t even be allowed to complete your application form.

Many online applications today require that you share such information as your past salaries, Social Security number and the contacts of your references. Much of this information job seekers would not have given out in the past until they moved deeper through the interview process.

Tough Competition

Anyone who has been looking for a job for months or longer knows that the competition for open positions is incredible. But those just entering the jobs market might be surprised to find that online job postings routinely attract hundreds of resumes and cover letters. The worst part for job seekers? Many of these hundreds of applications are actually coming from job seekers who are qualified for the positions. This makes finding a job today more challenging than ever.

Pickier Employers

Employers have always been choosy about who they hire to fill their vacant positions. But as Green writes in her U.S. News story, they’re especially choosy today. This means that for many positions simply meeting the posted job qualifications isn’t enough to merit serious consideration.

To land a prized job today, applicants must prove that they have made a difference – preferably when it comes to the bottom line – for their previous employers. Today, it is often only the very best candidates who even got chosen for an interview.

This news isn’t meant to discourage those conducting a job search today. But it is meant to awaken them to the fact that job hunting has changed today, and that it requires new job search strategies to land a job in today’s competitive hiring market.

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