Struggling to Find a Job? Try a LinkedIn Job Search

Get Hired Fast - linkedin job searchAre you struggling to find a job in today’s challenging economy? You’re far from alone. Even though the nation’s unemployment rate has fallen to 7.9 percent, there are still millions of U.S. residents trying to find a new job today. Fortunately, you do have a tool that can shorten your job search, the linkedin job search.

LinkedIn, of course, is the social media site dedicated solely to business. Unlike on Facebook or Twitter, you won’t catch people on LinkedIn bragging about their new lake house or posting pictures from their grandchildren’s holiday recital.

Instead, you’ll get people talking about industry trends, new hires and business news. In short, LinkedIn is the perfect social media site for people trying to find jobs today.

Social Media Networking Matters

We all know that networking is the key to finding a job today. But social media sites make networking easier than ever.

With these sites, you can instantly connect to your business or personal contacts, asking them for job search advice, querying them for hot job leads or asking them for personalized referral letters or personal introductions.

All of these can help you gain an advantage in your job search.

Consider the personalized letter of introduction. If a hiring manager has five qualified candidates for an open job, that manager might be more likely to give your resume a second look if it comes with a letter of recommendation from a well-respected business professional in your industry.

The LinkedIn Advantage

And if you can convince your business contacts on LinkedIn to arrange a personal meeting between you and key industry hiring managers or other personnel, you’ve just given yourself another critical advantage.

After all, managers are far more likely to consider your job application if someone they respect steers you toward them.

Finally, you never know when a LinkedIn contact is going to provide you with a hot job lead that hasn’t yet hit the job search websites. Maybe one of your contacts knows of a senior-level manager who is retiring. Maybe another knows of an executive who is moving on to form her own company. If you can get this information before others, you’ll have a strategic job search advantage.

The Successful LinkedIn Job Search

To succeed with LinkedIn, though, you can’t just constantly ask your business contacts for favors; you must also provide them with useful information. This means being an active participant in your LinkedIn groups.

If you know of a hot trend in your industry, start a new post about it in the appropriate LinkedIn groups. If you know the answer to a question posed in one of your groups, provide it.

The more helpful and active you are on LinkedIn, the more likely it is that your business contacts will provide you with help when it’s time to conduct a linkedin job search.

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