With Job Creation still Sluggish, Finding the Right Job Search Advice Remains Key

Get Hired Fast -job search adviceThe economy is adding jobs every month. But it’s not adding enough to dramatically reduce the nation’s unemployment rate. This means that competition for open jobs remains fierce. It also means that finding the right job search advice remains key.

A recent story by CNNMoney illustrates this well.

Slow Job Growth

As anyone who is trying to get a job will tell you, there simply aren’t enough open positions out there. Those companies that are trying to fill job vacancies are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of applications to every online and print job posting they make.

This makes it a challenge for even the most qualified candidates to even get their e-mail messages opened or their resumes read.

As the CNNMoney story states, the Federal Reserve Board wants to see the national unemployment rate fall to 6.5 percent. Those trying to find a new job want to see the unemployment rate fall even more dramatically.

How to get to 6.5 Percent

The CNNMoney story spells out exactly what needs to happen for the country’s unemployment rate, currently at 7.7 percent, to fall to 6.5 percent: A total of 1.9 million jobs would need to be created immediately.

That, of course, is impossible. The economy is only creating an average of about 150,000 new jobs each month.

CNNMoney points out that to get to 6.5 percent in a year, the country will need to create about 270,000 jobs a month. To get to the goal by 2014? The country would need to create 200,000 jobs a month.

A more realistic goal? The Fed predicts that we’ll probably hit 6.5 percent unemployment some time in 2015.

Job Search Advice

What does this mean to anyone who needs help finding a job? Only that following the right job search advice is key.

For instance, it’s important for job seekers today to remain vigilant when it comes to networking. They must constantly seek out connections and tap those connections for job search advice, personal recommendations, and introductions to high-level managers and executives.

Job seekers also need to rely on social media sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to instantly connect with their online networks. These networks can help job seekers find hot job leads or understand new hiring trends in their fields.

If you need additional job search advice for today’s challenging economy, sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp today.

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