20-Somethings Asking, “Help Me Get a Job!”

Get Hired Fast - help me get a jobThere’s a growing number of 20-somethings asking the same question: “Can’t anyone help me get a job?”

There’s a reason for this: Unemployment rates among job seekers in this age group are high. And these young job seekers often face the huge financial burden of thousands of dollars of student-loan debt.

It’s clear that young job hunters need to rely on the latest job search strategies to find work today. But a recent story by Boston’s WBUR lists one other trait that 20-something job seekers need: a good attitude.

Positive Thinking

It may seem trite, but the WBUR story actually lays out a good case for the importance of a positive attitude among younger job seekers.

Admittedly, if you are struggling to find a job while you face $100,000 in student loans, it can be challenging to keep your spirits up. However, keeping a good attitude can help you overcome the many challenges you’ll face when searching for a job.

The WBUR story quotes a career coach who says that young job seekers can easily become paralyzed when they allow their job-hunting challenges to overwhelm them. And when that happens? It becomes that much harder for these young adults to find a job.

Small Steps

The career coach’s advice? Young job seekers need to attack their problems one step at a time. There is no way, for instance, for recent college graduates to pay off $70,000 in student debt all at once. These young adults must first find a job.

The 20-something job seeker, then, has to ask: “What can I do today to improve my odds of finding a job?”

This might mean scheduling a networking lunch with a former college professor. It might mean seeking out a job fair. It might mean reworking a resume or attending a local chamber-of-commerce networking night.

It’s easier for young job seekers to keep a good attitude if they feel that they are taking concrete steps to find work.

New Challenges

Today’s young job seekers do face new challenges that older workers did not. College tuition has risen to new heights, meaning that many graduates enter the workforce weighed down by crushing student-loan debt.

At the same time, today’s young job seeker faces unemployment rates that are still far too high.

Those 20-somethings that need help finding a job can sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp to learn today’s top job search strategies. We can provide the advice that even the youngest of job seekers can use to boost their odds of finding work.

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