New Study Highlights the Importance of a Social Media Job Search

social media job searchIf you need help finding a job, know this: You are far from alone. And don’t let positive headlines regarding the nation’s unemployment rate convince you otherwise.

It’s true that the national unemployment fell again in November, ticking down to 7.7 percent, the lowest this rate has stood in more than three years.

At the same time, the U.S. Department of Labor recently reported that the number of U.S. residents applying for unemployment benefits fell dramatically for the fourth week in a row.

These are all positive signs. But as anyone who is job hunting will tell you, this remains an incredibly difficult time in which to find a job. Even with more companies hiring, there are still far too many people out of work. And this adds immensely to the competition for every open position.

The Numbers

The latest numbers released by the Labor Department were positive ones: According to the department, the number of people filing weekly applications for unemployment benefits fell 29,000 in early December to a seasonally adjusted 343,000.

This number is significant: It is the second-lowest weekly total of this year.

As a recent story in USA Today explains, the drop in unemployment benefit applications means that companies are laying off fewer people. Again, that is good news for the economy and for anyone who needs help finding a job.

A Bigger Boost?

But companies could still provide a bigger boost to the national economy. If companies would increase their hiring, along with slowing layoffs, then that would provide a bigger drop in the nation’s unemployment rate.

And that would definitely be a help to anyone who is still struggling to find a job.

The Competition

The biggest challenge for job seekers today is the competition: Every open position of worth still attracts dozens if not hundreds of resumes from qualified individuals. It’s not easy for any job hunter, even one with a strong career history, to stand out in this crowd.

The key to finding a job today? Networking. It’s vitally important for job seekers to connect with former bosses, managers, and co-workers to find hot job leads. It’s important for them to attend chamber of commerce luncheons and business-after-hour events to meet and socialize with local business leaders.

Knowing the right people remains an important part of finding a job.

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