Fiscal Cliff could Devastate Those in the Middle of a Jobs Search

Get Hired Fast - job searchIn the middle of a job search? Thanks to the inability of Congress and the White House to reach an agreement to avoid the fiscal cliff, it’s more important than ever to find that job.

That’s because if the country does tumble over the fiscal cliff, you might lose the extended unemployment benefits that the government provides during periods of tepid job growth.

What’s this mean to you? Only that finding a job is absolutely essential.

The Fiscal Cliff

You certainly know about the fiscal cliff. The media have been writing and talking about it for months: If Congress and the White House can’t reach an agreement on a tax plan by Jan. 1, more than $500 billion in tax increases and spending cuts will automatically kick in.

This could be devastating to the country, sending it into another recession.

And who will suffer some of the most pain if the fiscal cliff occurs? The unemployed.

Extended Benefits in Danger

That’s because the federal government provides an emergency extension of unemployment benefits during especially challenging economic times. Most states provide 26 weeks of unemployment insurance.

Those struggling to find a job will often need more than those 26 weeks of unemployment benefits. The federal government’s emergency extension, though, isn’t free. The program costs $30 billion.

That money would disappear if the country falls over the fiscal cliff.

Finding a Job

You can take steps to increase your odds of finding a job quickly. The most important step? Network.

You need to schedule lunch meetings with former bosses. You need to send e-mail messages to past co-workers. You need to attend business-after-hours and chamber-of-commerce events.

Anything you can do to stay in front of your important business contacts is key today. These contacts are the people who can inform you of colleagues who are starting their own businesses or others who are retiring. These are the contacts who can set up personal interviews with key players in your industry. They are the ones who might even have a job opening of their own that they need to fill.

The looming threat of the fiscal cliff adds another twist to your job search. But if you need job search advice, sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp today. Our career counselors can give you the strategies you need to find a job today.