How to Job Search: Best Ways to Use a Recruiter

January 29, 2013

Career Counselor, Job Hunt, Recruiters

Get Hired Fast - how to job searchWhen you are deciding how to job search, you want to maximize all of your options. Despite all of your efforts, you may feel like you need a little more help or another person looking out for opportunities for you. Using a recruiter may be a good option for you; however, you need to understand a few rules to make your interactions as fruitful as possible.

Understand the Recruiter’s Role

Most recruiters are paid by retainer or on a contingency basis. However, it is important to remember that these fees come from the client company and that the company is actually the recruiter’s client. The recruiter has to make the client happy and present potential employees that match the requirements issued by the client. Since you are not the client, don’t expect the recruiter to go above and beyond or call you every day to follow up. If you remember this, you can keep your interactions and the recruiter’s role in perspective.

Limit the Number

You can work with more than one recruiter at a time, but it may be easier to work with just one at a time. Although the best recruiters will ask before presenting your information to a company, all recruiters don’t and it is possible that your application will end up in front of the same company multiple times. The more recruiters you work with, the more you increase the likelihood of this happening. That’s doesn’t look good after a while. If you do work with more than one at a time, keep it at a reasonable number and try to develop an on-going relationship.

Be Honest

You have to be honest with your recruiter. If you – or another recruiter – have submitted your CV to a company, let the recruiter know. You don’t want to make someone look incompetent by concealing information. You also want to make sure that you are honest about your experience and skills or your interest level in any opportunity that the recruiter may present. It looks bad for the recruiter to present a candidate who is minimally interested in a position or minimally qualified after further inspection. Your recruiter will not present you again if that happens.

Keep in Contact

While the recruiter will not call you every day, you can check in to get an update on your status in the application process. The recruiter will have an idea if the company plans to move forward with the process or if it plans to pass. Regular communication can also build that long-term relationship; you may be at the top of the recruiter’s list when other opportunities open up in the future.

Be Helpful

If the recruiter brings an opportunity to you that is not suitable but you know someone else who it might work for, you should connect them. This helps build a relationship between you and the recruiter; it may also get you a small commission if the placement works out!

A recruiter should not be a major portion of your job search but can be a piece of your job search strategy. For more tips on developing a job search strategy, you can sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp today.