Job Search Strategies for the Older Job Seeker

January 23, 2013

Networking, Offline Networking

Get Hired Fast - job search strategiesFinding a job as an older worker can be challenging. The landscape for employment is different. The unemployment rate for people older than 55 was 5.9% in December 2012 which is higher than it was in December 2007, according to the AARP.  Starting a job search when you are 50 years old or older can be an entirely different experience from your job search at age 25; you will have to incorporate these changes into your job search strategies.

Manage Your Image

As a mature job seeker, your image may be more important than it was when you were younger. Make sure that you maintain your appearance by giving your look a little update with a current hairstyle, new glasses, and a wardrobe shake-up.

Energy level is a part of your image as well. You want to appear enthusiastic and as if working hard would not be difficult. You don’t want to meet the common expectation of a dowdy, stuffy, and tired older person when you interact with potential employers and colleagues.

Keep Up with Recent Tech Advances

Since technology has likely marched on since your first job search, you need to make an effort to keep up. You have to maintain good computer skills and at least be familiar with other advances as well. Many jobs will require some computer work and interaction with technology in some form so you don’t want to appear tech-adverse. That will not help you find a job.

 Make Your Previous Experience Shine

One of the double-edged swords of looking for a job at this age is your experience. Employers can use your knowledge and skill but they may be concerned about how much your experience level may cost. This could be a deterrent. To combat this, you have to show how your previous experiences can help the company now by solving problems and improving the bottom-line. Sell your experience! You want the employer to be anxious to add you to the mix at the company.

Use Your Networking Skills

Networking has always been an important job search strategy for people who hired friends and children of friends for positions; however, it has moved into the mainstream. You may not have used this particular one when you were first looking for employment but your experience will benefit you here. Use your extensive contacts to find out about opportunities that may not be common knowledge. This may include using online social media like LinkedIn or Facebook as well as local events like chamber of commerce meetings. You know a lot of people; it is likely that an acquaintance can be of help.

Being a mature job seeker does not mean that you are doomed. Turn the tables and use your age as a benefit. For more job search strategies, sign up for our today.

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