Part of Your Social Media Job Search: Monitoring Your Online Reputation

Get Hired Fast - social media job searchSocial media has allowed people to connect with each other around the world and has expanded the options for finding a job. However, the freedom of the Internet makes it easier for you to post comments and pictures that may not put you in a good light with future employers. As part of your social media job search, you need to take steps to evaluate your online reputation and correct any issues.

Assess Your Online Presence

First you have to see what is out there about you. Google yourself and see what comes up in the search results and take note of anything unpleasant. Remember whatever you find does not have to be vulgar to have an impact on your job search. Then sign up for Google Alerts so that you will get a notification every time something about you is updated or published. The Google Alerts service keeps you from having to do the search each month.

Request Removal

If you find pieces that are inaccurate or defamatory, you may be able to have them removed. Some website owners may remove offending content – if you make a strong but calm case for doing so. However, some website owners may relish the confrontation so you have to be cautious about how you approach them. They may trumpet your request across the Web which would bring more unwanted publicity to you and the original information that you were trying to remove.

Use Good Content to Replace the Bad

While you are investigating content removal, you can take steps to bury the unflattering content further down the search results. Get new, flattering content published and indexed to your name. You can do this with a blog of your own. You can also post useful content or comments on other websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google+; things posted on these websites tend to get picked up by the search engines. Linking your various social media websites and your blogs together can also help push the content you want up the search results.

Hire a Company

While you can clean up your online reputation by yourself, you can also get some outside help. Companies like or will do these tasks for you and keep up with anything new that is published. This will cost you though – you can pay for monthly or annual rates.

Finding a job can be challenging but if you have damaging information on the Web, it can make your search that much more difficult. Fixing your reputation is a vital step in finding a job.

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