Social Media Job Search Strategies: Talent Communities in 2013

Get Hired Fast - social media job searchIf you are looking for a job, it is almost guaranteed that you will use a talent community at some point. Talent communities give you the chance to interact with employers and other current employees; utilizing one (or more) communities should be an important part of your social media job search. The growth of these networks has been enormous over the past few years and more changes are expected for 2013.

1. Changes in Corporate Career Boards

Most companies have a website with a static job board. In 2013, more companies will be revamping their job boards and building their own talent communities. The goal will be to engage with any person who visits the website, build relationships, and encourage them to come back. It will also be easier for prospective applicants to use the site with easier applications, possibilities for video interviews, and social references.

2. Job Board-Talent Community Partnerships

Existing job boards will embrace more components of social media by partnering with social media networks to create a larger and more robust talent community. Users may be able to connect directly to a company through the job board. Some boards may create some of their own social tools as well. This will allow the board to complement their existing offerings and keep abreast of the trend of using social media for a job search.

3. Visual Content and Features

Content and other features are an important part of talent communities as new and fresh content can help drive conversation. As video has become so easy to produce, more content on the Web has incorporated it. Finding ways to incorporate more video into talent communities as an added feature will be popular in 2013.

4. More Mobile Platforms

Since there are so many mobile devices like smart phones, tablets, and computers, companies will have to adjust their recruiting tactics to a more mobile format. This includes improving the application process and the format of the job postings themselves; this also extends to the new and improved job board with incorporated talent community. The talent community has to be accessible on a tablet or smart phone.

Trends in talent communities show that they will be used by more people in 2013. It will be important to use them appropriately to get the most out of them.

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