Using Connections to Help Me Find a Job

Get Hired Fast - help me find a jobYou know that networking is important to finding a job – either through friends and colleagues or at networking functions. There are some considerations to remember when interacting with connections to get the most out of these interactions. Since you want your connections to be comfortable, follow some guidelines when you ask them for assistance to “help me find a job.”

Every Contact Is Not Professional

Every person you know may not be a good candidate for job networking. You should consider the type of relationship you have with the person before you approach them for help. You also should ask if the person feels comfortable introducing you to someone. You don’t want your contact to feel pressure; that may make them less willing to help.

First Impressions Are Key

At a networking function, the first impression you give sets the tone for your interactions. Looking the part is obvious; you want to be neat, put-together, calm, and composed. You should have a strong handshake and look the person in the eye.

With an online or telephonic introduction, mention the name of the person that referred you. Maintaining common courtesy is also necessary even though you are in essence making a sales call. Even through email, your first impression is important.

Be Clear and to the Point

You also need to have your “elevator” speech together when you are reaching out to people – even if it is a family member. There are two reasons for this: first, your pitch needs to be ready to impress the people you meet. Secondly, your family member needs to be able to tell any contacts what you are looking for and what you are interested in. Practice your pitch – it should only be about one minute long. You also don’t want to sound desperate.

Have a Business Card

Business cards are your new calling card and you will need to have a lot on you at all times. Be ready to hand them out. Remember you are not asking people for jobs upfront; you are working to build a relationship so that they may be able to connect you to someone who can take that step. Make sure when you give someone your business card that you ask for the person’s in return so you can establish contact later.

Follow Up

After networking events, it is important to touch base with the people you meet. For one thing, it is a courtesy if they spent time speaking with you or introducing you to other people. It also helps build relationships – this opportunity may not be successful but this person may be helpful in the future.

Follow-up also matters for personal contacts: if one of your relatives connects you to someone at their company, it is very poor form to fail to follow-up. It makes both you and the contact look bad. Your contact won’t help again and the person at the company will think you are a flake.

If you follow some rules when dealing with connections, you can make these interactions more effective. For more help with your job search, sign up for our today.

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