Using Social Media in Your Job Search Strategies

Get Hired Fast - job search strategiesTo find a job in the current work environment, you will likely need to use social media. There are several ways that you can utilize this tool in your job search strategies. You don’t have to employ all of them, but each has some important benefits. Combining these strategies should get your job search into high gear.


If you are looking for a job, you need to have a LinkedIn profile. This profile serves as your online resume with the added benefit of allowing you to connect to other people who will then see it. These connections may be friends or acquaintances; however, there are ways – through introductions or groups – that you can connect with people who you don’t know personally but who may be able to help you in your quest. You can also search for jobs with the search function. Make sure your profile is complete with a good photo and keywords describing your skills.


Although YouTube is better known for music videos and silly family videos, there is an opportunity to get information out about yourself and build your brand. You can create a video or two with your video camera or telephone; use them to create a channel where you talk about topics that you are familiar with and share your expertise. If you have given any presentations or talks and have them on video, put those on the site as well. You can become known as an expert in your field and attract the attention of people who can assist you in your search.


Twitter is another way to get information for your job search. You can search for and find people in your industry, follow them, and start a conversation. Once you build a relationship, you may be able to get some advice or guidance from that people about career opportunities. You do have to be careful and present yourself professionally on Twitter at all times. You also shouldn’t just tweet comments about your job search – it is important to offer value.

Your Personal Blog

You can also start a blog on WordPress or Blogger as a part of your job search strategy. Post about your experiences, your ideas, and your thoughts about trends in your industry. As people start to read your blog, you attract more eyeballs and more people will want to read what you have to say. This can make you an expert in your field and some of the eyeballs that come your way may have a job or know of one that you would be perfect for.

Social media can be a boon to your job search if you use it wisely. For more tips on incorporating social media, sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp today.

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