5 Tips for Using LinkedIn Job Search

LinkedIn has become an important tool in your job search. This network has broadened opportunities for many people and allows you to contact more people that you may not have been able to meet otherwise. Even though the community has increased employment prospects, it is still possible to miss out on obvious chances. Here are five tips for your LinkedIn job search.

Use the Jobs Section

One of the first things you should do is examine the jobs section on LinkedIn. Many employers list some of their open positions online. You can also search for open positions listed by some of the people in your network which gives you a way to directly contact someone about a job.

Finish Your Profile

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A complete profile serves as your online resume; an incomplete one will not tell potential employers who may be interested in your services everything they need to know. You might miss some opportunities this way. Also, LinkedIn suggests potential positions after scanning your profile. If your profile is incomplete, prospective openings may go right by you. Don’t forget to add a professional photo as well. Profiles with pictures tend to do better than those without photos.

Build Credibility

As part of building your profile and presence on LinkedIn, you should build your credibility in your areas of expertise. Ways to do this include posting professional content – posts, articles of interest, and Power Point presentations – to your profile. This information can show that you know a lot about your specialty. You should also contribute to the question and answer section; this allows your connections to see that you have something useful to offer.

Build Connections

One of the important functions on LinkedIn is the development of your network of connections. There is a strategy for connecting because all of the people you directly connect bring their contacts into your network. This expands your reach into the industry.

You should also join groups of interest. These groups keep you abreast of interesting happenings in your field but they also can introduce you to other people who might be of help for your job search. Reach out and develop those relationships.

Other Applications on LinkedIn

LinkedIn also have a number of applications on their website that may be able to help you in your job search. Some of the applications may be useful for your everyday life but some may have more professional influence. Portfolio Display allows you to show your work on LinkedIn; Projects and Teamspaces makes it easier to track and share projects, tasks, and documents with your other LinkedIn connections. You can even connect your personal blog to your profile using Blog Link.

There are numerous ways to utilize LinkedIn in your job search. Want more help? Sign up for the Get Hired Boot Camp now.

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