5 Ways to Tank a Job Interview That Will Not Help Me Get a Job

February 5, 2013

Interviewing, Job Hunt

Get Hired Fast - help me get a jobSo you finally get the interview for the job that you really want. “What can I do during my interview to help me get a job” is a question that you often will ask as you get ready for the meeting. However, there are some things that you want to avoid – things that can turn your interview into a strained mess where you don’t hear from the recruiter or the company again. Here are five ways to tank your job interview.

Tardiness with No Call

It is important to be on time for your interview to set the tone. Plan to get to the site at least 15 minutes early. But even if you plan to arrive to the interview site early, life may intervene and throw a wrench into your schedule. Call the interviewer and let them know what is going on if you are going to be late. It may not be the best start to your relationship but the interviewer will appreciate your candor and respect for his/her time. Being late with no warning will annoy your interviewer and may cause you to lose the interview altogether.

Being Too Casual

You have to remember where you are – an interview is not the place to use slang terms and treat your interviewer like your best friend. A professional attitude is key including professional attire, demeanor, and behavior. Being too comfortable may net you a new friend but not a new job.

Holding a Grudge

Even if you hated your previous boss or supervisor, there is no benefit to discussing any perceived slights during an interview. It makes you seem petty and you may start to step on toes. Your former boss may be a friend or former colleague; while they could agree with your assessment, the interviewer could take it personally and tune out anything else you have to say.

Ringing or Vibrating Phone

Before the age of mobile communications, this was not a problem. Now, friends can keep in contact at any time – including during your interview. You should not answer your phone or any text messages in the middle of an interview; in fact, it is best to turn your phone off completely. A vibrating phone that you continually ignore can be just as distracting for the hiring manager,

No Follow Up with Interviewer

Even if you decide that you may not want this job, you still need to send a thank-you note. This can be through the mail or by email. Some companies will completely remove your name from consideration if you do not perform this common courtesy. By sending an thank you note, you are thanking the interviewer for their time, the company for their interest, and emphasizing your continued interest in the position. Skip this and your job search will just get longer.

A solid interview can increase your odds of landing a job. For more help with your interview and other aspects of your job search, you can sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp today.

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