Expanding Your Job Search Strategies: Six Great Cities for Getting Hired in 2013

Get Hired Fast - job search strategiesTo find a job in this climate, you have to employ multiple job search strategies. You can use social media, attend job fairs, and network; however, a potential job strategy is to consider your location. There are cities that have lower unemployment rates and high numbers of open jobs; these are cities where you might have a better chance of finding a job in 2013.

1. Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City has an unemployment rate of 4.9% as of December 2012 – one of the lowest of major cities in the country. There are plenty of job opportunities in the area with Intermountain Health Care who employs 26,000 people full-time. Other major employers in the area include the state government, the University of Utah, and the Salt Lake City International Airport.

2. Boston

The unemployment rate in Boston has been dropping over the past two years; in November 2012, the rate was 5.9%. Boston’s job growth from 2010 to 2011 exceeded 2.2% and a 7.9% growth in jobs is expected by 2016. Health care and education are strong drivers of employment but there are a number for Fortune 500 companies in the area as well.

3. Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States with an unemployment rate of 4.6% in December 2012. The government is the largest employers in OKC; over 38,000 people work for either the federal, state, or local branches in the city. Telecommunication companies like ATT or Cox Communications are also top employers in the city

4. St. Paul

With an unemployment rate of 5.1% and an expectation that non-farm employment would grow in 2013, St. Paul is a good place to look for employment. 28,000 people work for the government in the state capital with another 11% of employees working for health care entities in the area. There are a number of Fortune 500 companies in the area who may be offering opportunities.

5. Washington, DC

The DC metro area has over 200,000 positions in the federal government. Due to its location, many nonprofit organizations, universities, and consulting firms are also operating in the area. Because of the numbers of opportunities, the unemployment rate for the metro area was 5.3% in December 2012.

6. Austin

The major cities in Texas – San Antonio, Houston, and Austin – are all among America’s fastest growing cities. In Austin, the state government is the largest employer; however, there are many other tech companies like Dell, IBM, and Apple that hire people in the area. Other opportunities exist at the University of Texas. The unemployment rate was 5.1% in December 2012, and there is no reason to believe that it won’t continue to improve.

If you have the ability to move to more attractive cities, these are six that you should consider; your opportunities to find a job may be higher in these locations. For more help with your job search strategy, sign up for our GetHiredBootCamp.com today.

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