Follow Up on Your Jobs Application

February 13, 2013

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Get Hired Fast - jobsYou have applied for a position through jobs. So what is your next step? You can wait to see if they contact you – ever – or you can be a bit more proactive. Following up on your job application can show your interest in the position and may get you an audience with the hiring manager.

Go Over Your Application Again

You should review your application to see if you filled out all of the required information and to make sure you included your contact information. If you find errors in your LinkedIn application, this is the opportunity to fix them before you send out your next application. Errors would get your application tossed pretty quickly and you don’t want to make that mistake again.

Send a Note

One week after you submit your job application, you should send a letter to the hiring manager or recruiter to follow up on the status. You want to confirm that your entire application was received and that there is not any more information that the company may need. Send an email emphasizing your interest and qualifications and ask if they need any more information from you. In your follow up, you want to try to get the hiring manager to give you a timeframe for a response. Otherwise, you could be waiting indefinitely for a yes or no on your application.

Investigate Online

By participating in online discussions related to the company that you just applied to, you may be able to get some insider information about job positions that may have been recently filled. You can find out if the position you were interested in has been filled and what the hiring environment looks like right now.

If the position has been filled already, you may be able to determine what qualifications were more important to the hiring manager and what might have been missing on your application. You may also be able to get important introductions to the hiring manager or other employees at the company through these discussions.

Make a “No” into Another Opportunity

If you find out that you are not going to be interviewed, don’t just hang up and move on. If you really want to work for this specific company, utilize this opportunity since you have the hiring manager or recruiter on the phone. Try to find out why you were not interviewed so that you can make adjustments for your next application.

You can also inquire about other open positions at the company that you may be better suited for. In some cases, you may be able to set up an informational interview to learn more about the company and get your name in front of the people who make decisions. This can improve your chances the next time you apply with this company.

Don’t Put Your Eggs in One Basket

Even while you are waiting to hear back from one application, don’t stop looking and sending out applications. Everything you learn from each application can be used to improve your next application until you find your dream position.

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