How to Job Search: Get Organized

February 20, 2013

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Get Hired Fast - how to job searchIn order to be effective in your job search, you should start your quest off on the right foot. Treat your search like a job you work at every day. Understanding how to job search will make you more productive and increase your odds of success.

Select a Location in Your Home

When you start your job search, you need to select a spot in your home where you will work each day. It could be your desk, your kitchen table, or in your den. Make sure it is some place comfortable; try to pick an area that you will not have to completely clear away each day if possible. If you can avoid having to shuffle everything around at the end of the day, you won’t have to get reorganized each morning.

Set Up Your Battle Station

You need to set up the equipment that you will use to conduct your job search. You will probably need a computer and printer, paper, writing utensils, a phone, filing cabinet or box for information storage, and Internet access. You can also make your job battle station more like an actual office by having a radio on in the background; getting your daily tasks done each day is easier if you feel like you are in a work environment..

Make a Schedule

You need to create a daily schedule and stick to it. If you are unemployed, consider your job search to be like a full-time job; schedule as close to 8 hours a day as you can for your search. If you still have a job, you can spend less time. Get up each morning and get dressed like you are going in to work. Make a plan for how you will spend each hour – part of the time could be dedicated to social media and answering ads and another part of the day could involve networking with other people.

Set Daily Goals

To keep yourself on track, you need to set specific goals of how many applications, contacts, or phone calls that you will make each day. Otherwise, you may find yourself slacking off during your search.

Update Your Resume

Make your resume make work for you. You can find articles on the Web or buy a book about updating your information. Some people decide to hire a resume writer or service to give the document a facelift. No matter how you do it, it is important to improve your resume since you will be sending it out to prospective employers.

Pick Your Targets

You probably already have some ideas about which companies you would like to work for. Spend some time researching companies in your industry of choice and select 20 or so to gather information on. You should target these companies for positions – through either posted ads or potential positions in the hidden market.

Build Your Network

Part of your day should be spent meeting people – collecting business cards, exchanging information, and getting referrals. The larger and more robust your network is, the more likely it is that a contact will alert you to a position or give you a useful referral.

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