How to Write a Great Cover Letter for Your Jobs Application

A cover letter is your immediate introduction to an employer. Your cover letter needs to get the employer’s attention and also display something about your qualifications. When you are applying for jobs, follow these steps to make your letter stand out.

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Make it Personal

Even if the job posting does not list the name of the hiring manager, you should spend some time trying to find that information. This personalizes the letter and will impress the recruiter who receives it.

Research the Company

The hiring manager will be receiving a number of cover letters and resumes for this job so you have to find ways to make your application more attractive. One way is to do some research on the company and the market. Find out what is hot in the industry or with the company; you can often use this information in the letter itself. This can start a discussion with the recruiter and also let them know that you are aware of the industry and interested in the landscape. LinkedIn is a good starting point for this.

Sell Yourself

Your resume will let the recruiter know about your skills; use your cover letter to let them know about you the person. You should try to share something about yourself that might be relevant to why you want the position. You should give the company a reason to want you as an employee. An example of why you would be a good fit may also be appropriate in your cover letter.

Keep it Brief

It is less likely that a hiring managing will read a three page biographic history of why you want this job. Keep your cover letter brief and keep it focused on why you want this job and why you would be a good fit.

Don’t Use the Same Letter

You can reuse parts of your cover letter over again but it should not be the exact same one. You are applying for different positions and applying to different companies; the examples and research should be different for each job application. Craft your cover letters to show that you recognize that each position is different.

Proofread Your Work

Sending in a cover letter full of errors is one way to get your letter tossed into the trash bin immediately. You can also get someone else to look at your letter to see if you are presenting yourself in the best way to help you get the job. If you can find a contact that works at the same company, you ask them to review your letter and provide tips relevant to the specific corporate culture.

Using to find a job can open a number of avenues that were not available before. Your cover letter needs to be specific and interesting; a good one can get you in the door. You can handle the rest. If you would like more information about writing a cover letter, sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp today.

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